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How Amazing Can You Be?

amazing fab me on friday May 26, 2023

“If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou


And today, Fab me on Friday ✨ is all about celebrating your amazingness.

When you celebrate your small wins this builds 


  • your motivation
  • your self-confidence and 
  • this will have a positive domino-effect on all other areas of your life!


Activate the power of the sage by celebrating your wins and join me in celebrating my win for the week:

It’s a small win, but it has had a magnificent effect:

I looked after me first this week,

before attending my family.

I made sure I had done all the things I had planned for myself, and for my business, before visiting my parents and I delegated dinner preparation to my youngest teenager.

In other words, with one decision:


  • I stuck to my plan,
  • set my boundaries,
  • shared my workload


My former me would have felt stressed all day, not focussed on my tasks and arrived at my parents in an un-ideal mood. If I'm honest, I might also have thrown a half-hearted dinner on the table and rushed around making everyone feel my stress.

My present me was in fact fully present. I got all my work done in a focused, clear manner and felt satisfied, happy and ready to be fully present with my parents who are going through a difficult health period, which is why I want to be there for them.

This is a new stage in my life and my goal is to really be there for them, without losing me in the process. That is my past me. That is the me I used to be as an overwhelmed mother of three, feeling stressed a lot of the time because I was not looking after me first.

My mindset was stuck in the belief that I had to do justice to the picture of the selfless Mum.

I now know that this is not an ideal use of my energy, that with the sage powers of empathy (for myself), exploration, innovation, navigation and activation I can focus on what is important and first fill my cup before I tend to others.

So, even though finishing my work first seems like a small action, it had a huge impact on not just me but also on my parents and children. There was no negative energy and we could all just bathe in the power of empathy and love. I'd say that's worth celebrating.

What wonderful thing, however small, did you achieve this week?

Do let me know, it’s easy, please just comment below - so we can all share in celebrating you too ✨

And if you want to find out more about the power of mental fitness and working with me, message me or follow this link .


Make the magic ✨

Your coach, 


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