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I help professional Mums illuminate their deepest dreams‚ú®

Your first 40 years were lived for everyone else, live the next 40 years for you.

 It’s YOU time:

Time to stop living for the kids, your Ex, your soul-destroying job... time to bloody-well live.

"One isn’t born with courage.

One develops it. 

And you develop it

by doing small, courageous things."

-Maya Angelou

El Camino is a pilgrimage across the entire scope of the North of Spain.

CaminoMe is all about your own transformational journey that will propel you towards extraordinary achievements.

My name is Karin

I am a 58 year old single Mum of three who was once crushed by midlife madness and decided... She wants out. 

So she took a hike, literally.

It took five weeks and a makeshift parasol to walk the 800kms Camino pilgrimage to finally hear the voice inside her.

The voice that said:
of course you can, and of course you will.
This lovely little voice that she hadn't heard since her childhood, so strong and so pure and so full of adventure and awe. And on her way she even started hearing the universe that spoke to her as she walked through fields of wheat. Keep going, they sang to the rhythm of her feet. 

And even though she didn't live happily ever after, because that is all about endings, and would be silly really, because we're all about beginnings, since then life has been a bloody lot better because now,
she makes sure that she can always hear that wee voice. And she knows what to do when for some reason like 'life gets in the way,' when she doesn't. 


I am here to help you find your best way to find your little voice. 
Empowering you is my unwavering mission.

I believe in your limitless potential because your success is my purpose‚ú®

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Here are the ways you can work with me but first..

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Soul Revival

Begin your new adventure with a renaissance journey through midlife that cultivates Confidence, Serenity, Creativity and the courage to become the future you, you always dreamed about.

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 One on One

Manifest your longterm goals.

There are no quick fixes for building dreams, I work in 6 month or yearly packages for your success!

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Hi, I'm Karin, and after an unexpected turn in my life that led me and my rucksack to hike the Camino de Santiago de Compostella - to surfing - to learning cello - to a New Year's Eve run in Iceland - I started recognising myself again. After all this moving around I focused my attention on my internal growth and I found my passion in helping women to reconnect with their sense of self worth and live their life as an expression of their uniqueness. 

Join me in reconnecting with your self worth and building your confidence to manifest your life goals.


Meet your life coach

What can you expect 

from working with me?

Caminome Coaching is all about building your sense of self worth by building your confidence one step at a time. It only takes one percent a day to form a new lasting habit. The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which product you choose, you can count on three things:

Creating new patterns

Learn to take effective 1 % percent steps that will give you the space you need to build and validate your power.

Building Mental Fitness muscles

Learn how to build your mental fitness muscles  that you need to manifest your personal goals in every area of your life. 

Uniquely you

Work with me on an individualised level to attain your unique and personal peak performance.

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