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Lessons from my feet: A beginner’s step into starting an online business

feet and business May 20, 2023

You may be wondering, what on earth have my feet got to do with growing my business? And, that is a fair question. Let me explain. 

In the past six months, I have had four operations on my feet - long story. Suffice it to say that I have needed to be very patient. As have my poor feet! My mind and my spirit.

What better opportunity than to really dive into building my online business?

And here are the lessons I’ve learned from my feet. 

  1. This is actually a lesson from my amazing surgeon, but it comes from my feet: Think of what my feet want, not what I want. My feet want a lot of rest and they are not interested in my body wanting it’s usual dose of exercise, nor are they interested in my mind and soul, which need their daily dose of nature, outdoors and social contact.

    In business, I have found, it’s the same: make sure you find the right questions to ask and listen carefully to what your Ideal Client wants. I am here to serve my IC.

  2. There are healing phases: 
    1. Phase one: it takes 6 weeks for the bones to grow back together and in this phase, pain is a signal to heed not to push though
    2. Phase two: physical therapy can begin with gentle massages and movement
    3. Phase three: after one or two months daily 7500 steps.
    4. Phase four: start my beginners HIIT 

In business these phases can be translated into growing phases:

  1. Phase one: make sure I am working on what James RS Williams calls the business of me. I have to be secure in the knowledge that the outcome is not tied to my sense of worth or value.
  2. Phase two: I can begin by deciding which platform I want to use. One you will find your IC. I chose IG because I love it and LinkedIn because it scares me! And start posting.
  3. Phase three: Now up my posts backed with daily strategy and planning.
  4. Phase four: This will show me where I need to build my social media muscles and I can work at improving my posts, my pics, my reels.
  1. Recovery is a very individual process, as is dealing with pain. And there is a lot of pain if you choose to ignore it. Whenever pain forces me to put my feet up, literally! I can choose which mindset I want to activate to make that time valuable. And I ask myself these questions: 
    1. Are your thoughts darting around in your mind? This means I need some meditation and journaling.
    2. Are you happy with what you’ve achieved so far today? This means there’s nothing in the way of a good read followed by Netflix.

In building my online business, after the initial period of learning, online course meetings, applying and working all day without true breaks, I am learning about the power of systems and how to build in chunks of time for learning, for social media, for building funnels etc and also for breaks, for family time. 

And most importantly for those mini moments every hour or so, where I get up, stretch, look out of the window to wave at my in-house squirrels or whatever rocks your boat to bring a smile to your face. 

And the same two questions apply as for my feet. In order to work efficiently I need to asses where my mind is at. 

I am aware that this is only the beginning. Once my feet are functioning and free of pain there will be bigger things to learn, like how to balance on that surfboard and grab those waves, but for now I can say that I am excited that we have learned our lessons, my feet and I, that we are on our way and ready to step out there and step back into our new life together :) 

Make the magic ✨

Your Coach, xKarin

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