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Me-Time Myth

Jun 17, 2023


Are you waiting for the right moment?


Are you showing up for yourself but still going around in circles because actually, you’re showing up for everyone else?


Are you secretly holding your best life as a dream only you know something about?


Most of my clients pull out a list of things they need to accomplish before they can focus on even defining how they would like to live a free hour, let alone their lives.


Their dreams remain buried under excuses like:


‘Once the kids are out of the house is the perfect time for me to begin again.’


‘I do have something I’d love to do, but it’s such a silly dream, I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone.’


‘I’m too old to start something new.’


‘Dreams are for my children, not for me.’


So their dreams often remain a secret. Forgotten - but for the feelings of frustration, defensiveness, sadness, jealousy.


Have you ever wondered why you’re often frustrated or defensive or sad or even jealous of the confidence other women seem to have, and the lives that they lead?


I remember when my kids were younger, I spent so much of my time wasted on comparing to how fulfilled and happy other mothers looked on the playground or at school events. This saboteur thought blocked me for many years. It left me hiding, if truth be told, in frustration rather than in taking action. 


Although, I did tell myself that I was taking action. With that me-time myth. Again, while the kids were little I got my me-time hiding away for hours in the bath. That is the only place where I was left alone and I felt I had time to think and to dream. 


And perhaps it was an attempt at showing up for myself, albeit a misguided one as it left me going around in circles every time I stepped out of that bath and wrapped myself in my towel.


‘One day,’ I would tell myself, just like my clients now, ‘one day, when the kids are older,’ which then usually turns into, ‘when the kids are out of the house.., - that’s when I’ll get my life sorted.’


But the truth is. That day doesn’t just land on your doorstep at some imagined time in the future. It comes when you look inside to find that your dreams have a right to be here now. For me it came when I stepped out of that bath and threw down the towel and then really showed up for myself by taking my dreams seriously and taking daily steps that proved to myself that I am worth it. 


If any of these issues resonate with you, let me support you in finding space for your dreams. My name is Karin and I am an empowerment coach. It is my mission to form a community for women to feel empowered to lead their lives on their terms, following their dreams alongside those of their families. It really doesn’t have to be one or the other. 


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