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There comes a time when your soul whisper can no longer be drowned in being busy, busy, busy.

It's your time to step forward with your bold voice and say what you want.

Your time to make a shift into a life that is more fulfilling.

Your time to take courageous action for a change that you have been longing for.

Your time to begin a new life on your terms.

Your time to go for fulfillment and for fun.

And then we meet the challenges on our path 

Those doubts and all those questions:

How do I know if this is the right time?

Or if I’m ready?

Aren’t I too old to start something new?

What will everyone say?

Some of the challenges are of a practical nature:

How can I find the time to do everything as well as go for my dream?

And so often you find yourself falling back, and not changing anything. 

After all, it’s safer to keep yourself small.

So YES it’s definitely time for you to start being courageous.

But how?

It’s not something we ever learned.

It feels difficult and scary even.

But the truth is we actually need two things:

1. An open mind

2. New tools

The thing that’s holding you back is how you’re thinking and the self-sabotaging thoughts and I’m going to teach you how to use your mind and quiet your soul.

I'm going to help you with opening your mindset using the mental fitness operating system..

This is a scientifically tested and proven set of tools that works! It’s a system that has worked for hundreds of CEO’s, Stanford students, world-class athletes and thousands of people from all over the globe. 

It’s a system that is easy to learn, fun to adapt and only takes 3x 5 minutes a day to practise.

The results are astounding:

🌱 Learn how to handle stress so nothing can bother you anymore

🌱 Learn to master your mental and emotional energy

🌱Feel good and master your wellbeing

🌱Higher levels of happiness

🌱Clarity on your next steps

🌱Improved relationships

🌱Higher level of empathy

🌱Higher level of self-confidence and self-trust

🌱Higher awareness of self-worth and feeling valued

Here's what some of my clients say about working with me:

Gina P. New York, Published author
Karin's coaching approach is both professional, as well as informal, creating a personal one-on-one environment conducive to grasping the concepts and, more importantly, implementing them in a consistent practice to achieve real and lasting change.

Pat Z. Canada, Life Coach
My highlight was Karin's capacity for and encouragement to thinking outside the box.

Amelie G. Switzerland, Mother and Photographer
The course has given me a new start, a way out of walking in circles. It has made me stand up for myself, to prioritize me and my goal. I feel better and more hopeful that I might reach my goal. I liked the daily check-in, the live sessions and the support from Karin.

Kira B. United Kingdom, Medical Doctor
I enjoyed my 8 weeks 1:1 coaching with Karin. I feel calmer and less responsive to difficult interactions with others. I loved the perspective changes and feel this course (Positive Intelligence) has helped me deal with many tricky situations, both personal and professional using the knowledge it gave me.

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Hi, I'm Karin

a life and empowerment coach, passionate about mental fitness which kickstarted my own journey. Now I support women using the power of nature and mini-breaks in their everyday lives to achieve the life of their dreams one mini-moment at a time. 

As a former StayAtHomeMum I spent ten years hiding away in my bath while my three primary school kids were at school. 

I dreamt of a whole series of futures that I imagined were better than what I had. I spent a lot of time feeling stuck and feeling like I had no choices and no time because I felt guilty when I didn’t put my children’s needs first. 

Everyone else seemed to have the perfect life, managing to balance a job and being a Mum and I just felt I didn’t have the energy for both. 

It was the shock of divorce, that woke me up and dealing with the aftermath has been my journey towards stepping back into a reality that was not just mine but also mine for the creating. 

Not before I hid again, this time it was behind jobs and being busy with being a single Mum and travelling. 

Since finding the power of mini-moments through mental fitness I am able to be busy on my terms, that is in harmony with myself. 

I am energised and motivated and therefore I am a better Mum, a better coach and a better entrepreneur. 

My confidence has soared and I am more passionate than ever to support and guide you on your journey to redefine your relationship with time and thus with your sense of who you are and what you are worth starting now and not wait until one day when the bath water is cold✨

As women we are often expected to put our needs on the backburner and over time this edges at our sense of self worth. We begin to depend on others to validate us, a partner, a boss, friends. With the mental fitness programme I work at turning that around so that the focal point becomes you. We cannot function on an empty glass, at least only up to a certain point. 

In order to be the shining examples we aspire to, our glass needs to be filled first. Only then can we give creatively, with true empathy and passionately. Only then can we be the best example for our children and our loved ones and only then will we achieve longterm happiness.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey✨


But How Can You Know if Soul Revival is Perfect For Me?

If any of the following situations sound familiar, Soul Revival can help you go from struggling alone and feeling stuck, to feeling focused, clear and confident and creating the success you want for your life and you don't have to do it alone!

You have a dream but you have no idea how to get there, or even how to start. 

I just don't have the time!

You spend a lot of time worrying about the future.

What if it all goes wrong? What if I can't make enough money?

You think you are too old or the train has left.

I can't start something new now I'm over 50 I'll never get a job!

You are worried about what other people might think.

I feel so silly wanting to learn to surf at my age!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week one

Assessment & Goal

Together we will define your specific goal for the two months, do the saboteur assessment test and get the app started.

Week two

Self Command Muscle  

Through a breakthrough process called PQ Reps, you get to boost your Self-Command muscle. Each PQ Rep only takes 10 seconds and can be done with eyes open or closed.

Week Three

Saboteur Interceptor Muscle 

You get to expose the lies, limiting beliefs and damage of your Saboteurs, so they can no longer fool you into thinking they are helpful to you.

Week Four

Saboteur Interceptor Muscle  

You get to intercept your top Saboteurs the moment they try to hijack your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Week Five 

Sage Muscle

You get to practice the Sage Perspective that every problem or challenge can be converted into a gift and opportunity. You get to know about the 5 Sage Powers.

Week Six

Sage Muscle

You get to generate the gift through the Sage Powers of Empathize, Explore, Innovate.

Week Seven

Sage Muscle 

You get to generate the gift through the Sage Powers of Navigate, and Activate.

Week Eight

Plan your yearly goal.

Together we will plan your defined goals for the coming year.

The truth is 

Anything is possible!

And what you can achieve with Soul Revival is only possible when you take charge of your mind!

The only one that can make the changes to make your dream a reality - is you - and you don't have to do it alone!


What's working with me like?

Nell L. Netherlands, PQ Accountant
I had a very thought-provoking session with Karin, which helped me in my search for clarity on a number of issues in my life, both work and personal. Karin quickly assessed the priorities for me on that day and guided the coaching to produce some helpful reflections. The use of the meditation was very helpful, and I found it produced some important time within the session itself for processing and developing ideas. Karin was not overly conscious of time and was happy to have a few more minutes talking to get to a natural close. If you are on a sticking place or crossroads in your life or career or both, and need some help at thinking it through then I thoroughly recommend Karin as an inspirational guide!


What you will get:

âś… Saboteur Assessment Test.

âś… Mental Fitness App with daily reminders.

âś… Mental Fitness exercises 5mins 3x per day.

âś… Inspiring journal question every evening.

âś… Comprehensive video training weekly one hour.

✅ First 8 Chapters PDF of Positive Intelligence.

âś… Weekly coaching session with me.


Here's what some of my clients say about working with me:

Emma, UK,  Published Author.
I really enjoyed Karin's tips on motivation and how to maintain it. My biggest takeaway was to make a daily goal, to understand the why goal, and the power of the soul goal in reaching your true potential.

Tanya USA, World traveller and Mother
Learning tools and methods for making things feel better on a minute-to-minute basis (and well beyond) have given me enthusiasm and motivation to balance out aspects of my life that bring more joy.

H.P.M. Switzerland, Geologist and world traveller.
Karin combines her life experiences with a professional excellence. This enables her to understand on a deep, personal level and give solid, down to earth and practical guidance and support which is based on her professional commitment. She has helped me to understand the importance of longterm practise in order for the mental fitness to become a stable matter in all aspects of my life but she has also supported me in the realisation that it requires constant self monitoring and continual training. And her supervision is very helpful. 


What gets in the way of our soul revival is our mindset and the way we think.

Soul Revival is for you if

✨You are committed to up-levelling your life.

✨You are committed to  investing in your personal development.

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CHF 3000
An easy to apply eight week mental fitness training that will boost your confidence, creativity and happiness even if you think you don't have the time.

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